Conquest Points Earned Increased

Thu 28th Jan 2016 - 8:42pm

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to dust off your alt's alt, because conquest points just got a whole lot easier. Conquest points earned is now way easier, they have been increased by 50%. That includes Arena wins, RBGs, and weekly quests. The current catch-up cap is at 16700 conquest points. At the old rate, that would have taken 93 arena wins. Now you can get full capped in just 62 games, a much more resonable rate. Here is the patch notes.

Please note, the following PvP hotfixes are still in testing.
Increased Conquest Point rewards from the following sources by 50%.

Winning the first Random Battleground match of the day now awards 225 Conquest Points, and subsequent victories award 125 Conquest Points.
Winning a Rated Battleground match now awards 600 Conquest Points (up from 400).
Increased the amount of Conquest Points awarded to the losing team in a Rated Battleground match based on performance.
Twin Peaks / Warsong Gulch: 100 Conquest Points for every captured flag with an additional 100 Conquest Points awarded for every flag the winning team didn't capture. (Example: If a game ended 2-1, the losing team receives 100 Conquest for capturing a flag and an additional 100 Conquest for denying the other team a final 3rd capture.)
Arathi Basin / Deepwind Gorge / Eye of the Storm / Silvershard Mines / Temple of Kotmogu / The Battle for Gilneas: 50 Conquest Points awarded for every 150 Resources / Gold / Points gained by the losing team.

Winning a Skirmish Arena match now awards 40 Conquest Points.
Winning a Rated Arena match now awards 270 Conquest Points (up from 180).

Increased the amount of Conquest Points awarded the following Ashran quests:
Slay Them All! now awards 300 Conquest Points (up from 200).
Ashran Dominance now awards 750 Conquest Points (up from 500).







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