Team Method's Cdew, Snutz, Smexxin win GCD GPL Winter Finals. Drama ensues.

Mon 1st Feb 2016 - 4:40pm : Gaming

First off, Major Props to the GCDTV team for an amazing Pro League and a great Finals. The quality is superb and WoW fans should be so excited and proud of Dmachine, Clutter, and the rest of the GCD staff.


This weekend GCDTV closed out its 9-week pro league having the top 8 teams compete in a final tournament to see who wins and even gets to take home a little prize money. On day 1 our victors team Method, featuring Cdew, Snutz, and Smexxin, didn't look like they were going to just dominate this tournament. They started the tournament off by losing to team Splyce who's team consisted of Absterge, Walterbare, Dota, and Jellybeans. Splyce beat out Method 3-0 playing their Feral/Lock/Shaman composition. Method then faces off against Cloud9 in the lower bracket, who played the Rogue, Mage, Druid composition they are well known for. Method barely pulls out the win vs Cloud9 in a 3-2 victory.

Then came day 2 of the tournament. Method starts the day off against team Splyce once again, who just 3-0'd them the previous day. This time, however, Method had a different strategy. With Method's 4th player Venruki out of town for the tournament, it wasn't expected we would see anything except their Warrior, Lock, Shaman composition. Surprisingly, however, Snutz who is a well-known multi-classer pulls out his mage to face Splyce playing Warrior, Mage, Shaman. In a big upset, Method knocks Splyce out of the tournament beating them 3-0 with their new strategy.

Into the semi-finals the 4 teams who remain are:

Please Sponser- Beanslayerx, Samiyam , Murkmindz , and Rubcubb 

We Back- Felorea , Mageiden , and Asbur as

Tempo Storm- Pikaboo , Jahmilli , Chanimal , and Gorecki  

Method- Cdew , Snutz , and Smexxin 


The team of Please Sponser Us beats the team of We Back in a close 3-2 Victory making it to the finals. Then Method beats out Storm in a 3-2 series which ended up being one of the best series in wow e-sports history.  But here is where the drama starts. The last game was exciting and back and forth. Eventually, Snutz  falls down to 2% health while his teammates are unable to help and it looks for sure like Tempo Storm are going to take the game, but he somehow manages to survive the onslaught to try and turn it around. During this Jahmilli in typical fashion used an Ice Block offensively to try and finish the game and in turn the series. Then Jahmilli disconnects. Now if you aren't familiar with GCD rules, a disconnect will not end the game, and the game will not be replayed. It has to play out how the players see fit. Now at first Method see's the DC and they pull back, only dotting Pikaboo  so that he cannot get a re-stealth. 52 seconds pass during this from the disconnect to when snutz and smexxcin start to attack Jahmilli. This means Method waits nearly a minute before deciding to take the win. Jahmilli does come back at the last second but it's too late and Method takes the series.

Before we get deeper into the drama, Method and Please Sponser us face off in the finals. Please sponsor us tries a few different compositions including Feral, Lock, Shaman, which Method responds with putting Snutz on Mage again, and Shadow Priest, Mage, Paladin (God Comp/Shatter Play). In the end, it was a good series, but less exciting than the semi-finals. Method Beats Please Sponser Us in a 4-1 victory.

Now then, the drama. If you eat this stuff up then grab some popcorn and hop on twitter, as well as Snutz, Jahmilli, Rubcubb, and Gorecki's votes on their Twitch streams. The twitter posts start as soon as Michethod wins the series against Tempo Storm. Jahmilli starts off by saying classic method kill on dc GGs lol, implying that this is something Method often does.

Then Jahmilli halfheartedly claims that there was something fishy about the disconnect saying "so many teams DC vs Method weird lol". 

He then backpedals from the statement saying he isn't accusing Method of DDOS, which he didn't, but it sure seemed like that was the direction he was pointing at. Much worse than Jahmilli's own statements were that of his girlfriends, TeaseSpoon. Now it probably wouldn't normally be worth mentioning an SO's point of view in a situation like this, but the massive amount of tweets she dropped on the situation in just a few hours time, it is probably going to be entertaining at the least. It appears she deleted some of the tweets, but this is the gist of it. . Her defining Jahmilli and being upset was understandable, but her argument was mostly personal attacks against Snutz, Cdew, and Smexxin. She even tweeted at Method, the team's sponsor to tell them how she felt about the players. Now this is where Snutz messes up, instead of only replying to Jahmilli himself, or not replying at all, he fell for the bait and ended up in a back and forth twitter battle vs. Teasespoon. It's actually a little surprising they managed to win the finals so convincingly with Snutz' mind clearly on other things as he tweeted between every game. You will only be able to see a very small portion of the Snutz tweets in the picture at the bottom of the page, but it's plenty to tell how much went on, check it out yourself.

Afterwards, Jahmilli and Snutz both fired up their twitch streams and gave their thoughts on the matter. They even had a call and spoke to each other, which didn't go anywhere. To sum it up, Jahmilli wanted Snutz to admit that killing him during a DC was wrong and that it was a disservice to the fans. Snutz admitted that it was not exactly good manners but with the history between Cdew and Jahmilli being so rough, Jahmilli shouldn't expect Method to wait for them for even a second. Jahmilli reiterated that their personal beef shouldn't matter since it is a competition of skill they and the fans want to see who is actually the best. This went back and forth for about 20 minutes and they finally got tired of it and hung up.

Surprisingly throughout all of this, Cdew was the quietest. That was probably for the best. Cdew knows when to attack and defend and generally handles attacks fairly well. He said nothing negative towards Tempo Storm at all, and his only real tweet on the matter was that he wished the DC didn't happen at all. He handled the situation like a pro and didn't stream either, which could have been a very large monetary gain as we saw from his last GCDTV win. We can only hope the next GCD GPL will be filled with such good games, as well as a little drama to spice things up in a relatively quiet expansion.












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