Elite and Starships kicked from team Tempo Storm

Thu 14th Jan 2016 - 3:55pm : Gaming

On late tuesday night January 12th 2016 the holy paladin from team tempo storm tweeted out Hello... BIG news, Currently looking for a TEAM. You know what to expect :) The following day there were many rumors revolving around the team in various twitch streams. When I spoke with team Tempo Storm's Pikaboo , who is still on the team, he said "we are just trying a new roster, we just get counter comped. We want a shaman comp we can play. All we had was 'god comp' and 'RMD' and could just easily lose to 'LSD' and its hard into 'FMP', now we have so many more comps." He then clarified that the two players to replace Elite and Starships would be Gorecki, who is known for his muilti-classing, and Chanimals.

I spoke to Arthur aka Elite  extensively about what happened. He told me "So despite having so much success, we still didn't actually reach our goals (winning blizzcon) and future GCD tournaments. From recent events, we struggled in a few tournaments and had the same results in tournaments, often due to being countered." I asked who's decision it was for the team roster to change, he replied "we didn't have a group decision to leave, Pikaboo and Jahmilli basically wanted to have 2 other players join the team to change up the comps. Now even though the decision seems rash, I was already open to trying out new teams and comps because as the way things were going weren't as expected." He also informed me they had no pressure from the sponsor of Tempo Storm themselves.

We also spoke about the replacements to the team, that being Gorecki and Chanimals. Elite said, "Because warlock/shaman has been the most successful comp in the last 3 expansions, it didn't make sense for our team to continue playing the comps we had because we really didn't have an answer to lock/shaman. But neither me nor Starship wanted to try playing Shaman because we didn't have a warlock on our team, so realistically there was no point for us to try.

I briefely got a comment from Starships  saying, "idk, prob for the better atm. Wasn't playing all that much and this way they get more comps. lock/shaman/x, ect. game is more about comps than anything else atm."

The four players have been together competetively for at least 2 years now, and they joined Tempo Storm before Blizzcon 2015 in August. The team was brought to Tempo Storm by Hotted, who travels to multiple gaming events worldwide.  The team of Jahmilli and Pikaboo as well as the replacements will stay under the tag of Tempo Storm.

When I asked Elite if he had his eye on any teams or partners he replied, "well at the moment, I don' really have any big plans on joining other teams immediately, but I've definitely recieved offers. He also said that there were no long term hard feelings vs the players that removed him from the roster and that, and this is important "Also I just wanted to add in, even though I won't be playing with Pika/Jah in any upcoming GCD tournaments, there's still a pretty solid chance that I end up playing with them again for blizzcon depending how legion turns out and what comps are viable again, because Legion is likely to drop before the next Blizzcon, and the tournament itself will likely be in the next expansion.





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