TopicHow to fix Google Chrome not working

  • Wed 25th Nov 2020 - 7:19am

    Google Chrome is the most used web browser by users from all across the world. Another product from Google which gained its popularity ever since it came into the introduction. The browser also received quite a good response from users from all over the world because of its interesting functions and services. 

    However, it is also common when users are facing issues while using Google Chrome. If you are also one such user who is stuck and does not know how to resolve Google Chrome not working issues then you must try the tips mentioned further in this article. 

    Fixing Issues of Google Chrome Not Working on Mac! 

    1. The first reason for Google Chrome not working is when your Mac is full of memory. And it can be due to multiple apps running on the computer or due to browser extensions. To get this resolved, check the internal storage and clear the data of unwanted applications 
    2. Also, check the internet connection and whether your device is connected to the correct wifi. If not then get it connected with the correct one or contact the network service provider. 
    3. You even have the option to delete cookies and caches along with thumbnails so that your Mac laptop can work easily. 
    4. You also need to disable extensions of the web browser under the “Settings” application. 

    There are various other ways in which you come to know how to fix Google Chrome not working either on Mac or on Windows. To get the Google Chrome issue resolved on Windows you can try the steps below. 

    Ways to Fix Google Chrome not Working on Windows! 

    1. The first and foremost issue is a slow internet connection. Check the internet connection and if not working then contact the network service provider. 
    2. You can also try to handle Google Chrome, not working issues by updating the Google Chrome web browser to its latest versions. 
    3. Users can also take the help of any antivirus application and remove the viruses and malware which is affecting your work. 

    If the above ways and tips did not help then you can contact customer service which is 24/7 active on the various platforms.  


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