TopicHow can I create an Email Signature with Sigsync?

  • Fri 17th Jul 2020 - 3:46pm

    Sigsync  Office 365 Email Signature  is the ideal answer to raise brand popularity and trust with a user and other organization.

    Sigsync is an email signature service for Office 365 or Exchange Server, which helps an organization to maintain professional email signature for all employees. You can choose different formats for email signature and tweak the subtleties as you need it and send it to specific customers by setting rules. You can easily create a branded email signature through a centrally managed dashboard.


    The steps to add Office 365 Email Signature:

    Your Office 365 account must support the Exchange Online service before adding an Office 365 email signature.

    Step 1: Login to your Office 365 account.

    Step 2: Then configure Exchange Rules.

    Step 4: Finally, create and manage users signature templates in Sigsync dashboard.



    To Know More Visit:  Centrally Managed Office 365 Email Signature

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